Elite Sports Expo 2019 - CNSLab

Elite Sports Expo 2019

This year’s Elite Sports Expo, which took place at the London ExCel on 8th and 9th May, was an absolutely fantastic event offering a multitude of innovations in strength and conditioning, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery, all aimed at promoting optimal physical performance.

The CNS Scientific Director, Dr Nigel Abraham, delivered an excellent presentation on the first day of the Expo entitled “Stress, Food Intolerance & Sport Performance: Overtraining Syndrome”. This was hugely popular and in fact, left standing room only due to the keen interest shown by many Expo delegates. This was further represented in the vast number of individuals who visited us at our stand throughout the two-day event to discuss the benefits of IgG food intolerance testing and Adrenal Function Profile tests, in helping to guide effective dietary and training interventions to improve physical performance.

Our presence at this event was a huge success, with the CNS Adrenal Function Profile (AFP) and FoodPrint (FP) tests both also being shortlisted for the “Innovation for human performance” award, having been recognised as excellent adjunctive diagnostic tools available to athletes to support, guide and enhance their nutrition and training programs.

This year’s Elite Sports Expo enabled us to liaise with a large number of practitioners from a vast array of disciplines from nutritionists to chiropractors, strength and conditioning coaches to physios, and to forge several links to help us to branch into the exciting arena of sports performance.

If you didn’t visit last month’s event, then please look out for the Expo in May 2020 as it is well worth attending for any practitioner either working with athletes, or generally within the field of optimal physical performance.