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Screening for Candidiasis

Identifying a candida infection can be difficult based upon symptoms alone, as it can manifest in a variety of symptoms, which can be non-specific and similar to other conditions. Therefore, an individual’s symptoms, medical history, in combination with appropriate laboratory tests, should be used to confirm whether they have candidiasis. Although a stool test can be conducted, which effectively screens for yeast specifically within the colon, the most common way in which a candida infection is identified is via a blood test. The blood test tends to offer more information, as it identifies raised antibodies to Candida albicans and can therefore, detect systemic candida infection.

The CNS Candida Screen uses proven ELISA-based technology to detect the presence of IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies to candida and is therefore, extremely accurate at assessing candidiasis. It is an effective diagnostic and treatment monitoring tool, as elevated IgM results indicate an early stage infection, elevated IgG results indicate an actively ongoing infection, or the occurrence of a past infection and IgA helps to determine if the infection is occurring within the mucous membranes. Subsequently a lot more information can be gleaned from this particular test, not only about whether a candida infection is present, but also the potential location and extent to which it has presented within the body.

A finger prick blood sample is all that is required, and results are received within 10 working days.  This particular diagnostic test is available at the practitioner price of £49.50 and RRP £66.00 (inc. VAT) which can be purchased here.