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"CNS" and "Cambridge Nutritional Sciences" are trading names of Omega Diagnostics Ltd. References to "Omega", "CNS", "Cambridge Nutritional Sciences", "the Company" or "us" shall mean Omega Diagnostics Ltd.

References to "you" shall mean the customer as stipulated on the order form either in your capacity as an individual or a Practitioner.

"Practitioner" shall mean a healthcare professional who provides healthcare treatment and advice to patients based on formal training and experience within their chosen speciality.

Prices and conditions of sale

The price of the test(s) quoted on the website are amended from time to time. All payment must be made in sterling.

Payments Made Online

You may send your order via the online ordering system, including your payment card details.

Payment must be received in full prior to the shipping of any Sample Collection Pack or Home Test Kits. All prices quoted include VAT.

All transactions are governed by English law and any disputes will be decided by English courts.

Order Confirmation

When you send your order over the internet, CNS will send you an order confirmation by email. All order confirmations will be sent on or before (but no later than) delivery of your sample collection pack or home test kit.


After your payment has been processed we will forward you the necessary Sample Collection Pack / Home Test Kit needed. This should be dispatched within 5 working days depending on stock.

All dispatch dates quoted are approximate only. All shipments are sent first class or by courier. No specific times will be allotted to delivery.

It is the express responsibility of you to inspect your order immediately upon delivery. You shall notify CNS within 7 days of delivery in respect of any damage to the Sample Collection Pack(s) / Home Test Kit(s), shortfall or incorrect specification being delivered. If you do not notify CNS within 7 days following delivery, the order received shall be deemed in accordance with the order placed by you and completely satisfactory.

Delivery of your test results

CNS aims to deliver your Test Results within 10-15 working days of receipt by CNS of your returned sample(s). If CNS is unable to deliver your Test Results within 30 days, CNS will contact you using the means by which your order confirmation was sent, giving you details of the likely delivery date and giving you the option to cancel your order if you would rather not wait. If you decide to cancel your order, CNS will issue a refund of the full price of the Test(s).


Any information that you or other users provide to CNS are subject to our GDPR Privacy Policy according to which governs our collection and use of your information. You understand, that through your use of our Services (Contractual Obligation) and to provide you with our Services, it is necessary for CNS to collect and use (as set forth in the Privacy Policy) this information, including the transfer of information to other EU countries for processing. Furthermore, as part of providing you the services, we may need to provide you with certain communications, such as service announcements, and administrative messages. These communications are considered part of the Services.

Sample Retention Policy

Serum and Plasma samples are stored frozen and retained for a period of 1 month, in accordance with the Royal College of Pathologists Guidelines. Additional testing or re-tests will only be performed upon specific request by the client. Samples will be disposed of after this period by incineration.

Practitioner Undertakings

When promoting the use of any Product supplied by CNS, the Practitioner shall not use any advertising materials or promotional literature or make any Product claims without Omega's prior written consent. For the avoidance of doubt, the Practitioner shall not;

The Practitioner is responsible for the use of any Products supplied by CNS in accordance with any instructions contained therein (or supplied alongside the Products) and any additional rules or guidance from any regulator who the Practitioner is governed by. 


The Practitioner agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Omega harmless against all costs, claims, proceedings, expenses (including reasonable legal fees) and damages resulting from the use of any Product supplied by CNS to the Practitioner which arise as result of the Practitioner’s breach of its Undertakings under these terms and conditions, unless such costs, claims, proceedings, expenses or damages result from a gross negligent or wilful act of Omega.

Order Cancellation and Refund

All orders may be cancelled and refunded prior to the issue of the Sample Collection Pack(s) or Home Test Kit(s).

Under the Distant Selling Regulations you may cancel the order within 14 days following the date it was received. To do this you must either notify CNS by email or send a letter to the address provided on the website informing CNS that the order is being returned under the "14 day cooling off period". A refund will be made within 30 days of receiving the cancellation request.

Refunds will not be given after the sample collection pack(s) or home test kit(s) has been used successfully.

In purchasing our products you are agreeing with our terms and conditions and therefore agree not to sell Food Detective, FoodPrint Kits or any of the other tests we offer outside of England, Scotland and Wales.

Provisions specifically related to COVID-19 tests

All Covid-19 tests offered by CNS are available to Practitioners only and the list of such Practitioners who may purchase such Covid-19 tests may vary from time to time, at CNS' discretion, based on prevailing government and regulatory guidance.

In respect of Covid-19 tests, only sample collection packs are offered for Purchase to Practitioners (and not end users). All subsequent testing of samples is conducted by CNS with results supplied directly to the Practitioner to inform and provide advice to the end user/patient.

Test Results

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences provides support on any test results and where necessary will also advise the assistance of a professional health care provider. Cambridge Nutritional Sciences test results service is not a substitute for medical advice. Any concerns should be referred to a medical doctor.


Cambridge Nutritional Sciences will not accept responsibility for any inaccurate results and all results should be followed up by a healthcare professional. CNS makes no representations or warranties regarding the processing of any samples including, without limitation, as to the results, accuracy or reliability of any Product or subsequent testing or analysis.


Nothing in these terms shall limit your payment obligations under this contract.

Nothing in these terms limits any liability which cannot legally be limited, including liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence or fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

Subject to the foregoing paragraphs under this section, CNS' liability under these terms shall not exceed £100 (one hundred pounds sterling).

The following types of losses are specifically excluded under these terms:

Events Outside Our Control

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences shall not be held responsible for any delay in services provided or for late or non-delivery due to the event of a natural disasters or any other events of force majeure.

Third Party Rights

These terms do not give rise to any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term contained herein (whether express or implied).

Complaints Procedure

Any complaint regarding our goods or services should sent in writing or via  email: 

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences
Eden Research Park
Henry Crabb Road

Email: orders@camnutri.com
On receipt we will do all we can to resolve any issue promptly.

Legal Information

“CNS” and “Cambridge Nutritional Sciences” are trade names owned by Omega Diagnostics Ltd (“Omega”) whose registered office is at:

Omega House
Hillfoots Business Village
FK12 5DQ   
Registered number SC107178

Any reference to CNS in these terms and conditions applies to Omega Diagnostics Ltd as the legal trading entity.

All transactions under Cambridge Nutritional Sciences testing service are governed by English law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Contact Information

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Ltd
Eden Research Park
Henry Crabb Road
CB6 1SE  
Tel: 01353 863279 Fax: 01353 863330  

Email: orders@camnutri.com